"Still Crazy" wortwörtlich...

Ja, ich gebe es zu...ich bin immer noch verrückt nach diesem Lied und obwohl ich es euch das letzte Mal schon kurz vorgestellt habe, trotzdem noch zumindest dieser Post...
Ich finde, es gibt viel zu wenig wirklich gute Texte, Texte die authentisch sind und trotzdem tiefgründig,mit keiner Silbe pathetisch, einfach nur schön...in der ein oder anderen Weise...
also hier ein Text der meiner Meinung nach genau das ist...

Still Crazy

Shut me out completely, that would not be such a sin.
Lock up every entry, make sure that there’s no way for me to get in
Won’t try to pry them open, never mind knock upon your doors
Truth is that there’s no reason for me to even see your face anymore

But I need your ears and I need them now I’ve got something to say,
I’m not here today to win you back just to remind you that

Sure as the rain starts to fall,
Yes, I’ll always remember you dear
and although we don’t talk anymore.
I was crazy for you; yes I was crazy for you, that’s for sure. That´s for sure.

Nothing´s ever easy, I think we both know that it’s true.
I was convinced you loved me, and I was pretty sure that I loved you too,
when was our final moment what´s your favourite might have beens
When was my fatal error that changed the way you thought of me ever since.

I made you smile and I made you laugh,
I made nice gestures and surprised you enough
But I made you come but I made you cry
I wish this was true but I’m not gonna lie.

So sure as the rain starts to fall
Yes, I’ll always remember you dear
And although we don’t touch anymore.
I was crazy for you;yeah I’m still crazy for you, that’s for sure.
I´m still crazy for , still crazy for you, still crazy for you ohh
still crazy for you.

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